World Congress
on Safe Dentistry

September 17-19, 2021
Radisson Collection, Moscow, Russia
About Congress
The World Congress on Safe Dentistry is the culmination of six years of planning. For the first time, Russia will host a major exchange of scientific information by professionals in medicine, dentistry, and anesthesia with the purpose of improving all aspects of patient safety in dentistry. The Congress is organized by Russian component societies of the International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies (IFDAS).

The World Congress on Safe Dentistry presents a unique concept of safety based on the study of world best practices.

Safety is a complex ecosystem that includes:
professionalism and competence of the doctor, his education, knowledge and skills on the one hand, and emotional and physical (i.e. resource) condition of the doctor on the other;
– structured legal and financial protection;
– patient's health and wellbeing, degree of examination and thorough medical background, identified risks of intervention, patient's motivation and readiness to improve the quality and duration of his life, as well as willingness to work with a doctor as a team;
– production culture aimed at producing quality materials, devices and drugs, compliance with all production processes to European quality standards.
We are pleased to offer the medical community a unique space with only the latest, only the best and only rationalised information and the opportunity to contribute to the development of the industry.

The World Congress on Safe Dentistry 2021 is an independent platform where lecturers and manufacturers will present the latest developments and approaches, draw attention to existing problems and propose the world's best practices to solve them.

The World Congress on Safe Dentistry is a concentration of solutions for successful practice and self-development with the opportunity to participate in discussions personally and online. Join us and enjoy learning!


online participants


We are bringing together
Outpatient practice specialists
Healthcare professionals
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Plastic surgeons
Andrey Ilyich
PhD DDS MD, Professor, President-Elect of Russian Dental Association
Stanley Malamed
An Emeritus Professor of
Dentistry at the Herman
Ostrow School of Dentistry of
USC in Los-Angeles,
a Diplomat of the American
Dental Board of
Anesthesiology, а dentist
anesthesiologist (USA)
Makeeva Irina Mikhailovna
PhD DDS MD, Professor, Director of Dental Institute of 1st Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov
Bilal Al-Nawas
Dr. Med., Dr. Dent.,
Professor and Medical
Director at the
Department of Oral,
Maxillofacial and Plastic
Surgery at the J.
Gutenberg University of
Mainz (Germany)
Natalia Yurievna
President-Elect of International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies.
PhD DDS, Associate Professor of MSUMD named after
A. I. Evdokimov, President of Russian Association of Safety and Dental Anesthesia
Maxim Valeryevich
Affiliated member of European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED), author of courses, CEO MAXTREAT Paradontological Center
Galina Sergeevna
PhD DDS, Associate Professor of Russian University of International Friendship, Head Doctor of BOSCO Clinic
Evgenia Nikolaevna
PhD DDS, Associate Professor of MSUMD named after
A. I. Evdokimov, Co-chair of Anesthesia and Emergency Care Section in Russian Dental Association
Kaufman Eleiser
Prof. Oral Medicine at
Hebrew Uninversity
Hadassah Medical Center
Anton Olegovich
Author of the project Dr. Krivorotov GNM, Co-founder of the Sanabilis Research and Clinical Center
Olesya Alekseevna
Vice-President of the Russian Independent Association of Periodontologists, member of the Anti-aging and Integral Medicine Association, Head Doctor of IDC-Skolkovo
Nikita Andreevich
PhD DDS, Associate Professor in Moscow State Univerisity of Medicine and Dentistry , Chairman of Russian Association of Safety and Dental Anesthesia
Artur Vitalievich
Member of the British Endodontic Society, Advisor in Russian Association of Safety and Dental Anesthesia, Ambassador of Penn Endo Global 2020
Yuri Georgievich
Member of the IADMFR, ESR, SPRO, Russian Society of Head and Neck Tumors Specialists,
author of scientific works and books
Saba Gurkhutievich
Dentist-surgeon, implantologist,
multiple winner of medical competitions, regularly presents the most difficult cases of patient's total rehabilitation
Svyatoslav Pavlovich
PhD DDS, Professor of Russian University of International Friendship , Chairman Endoscopic Technologies in Dentistry and Oral Surgery Section
We are united by understanding of the crucial role of safety in dentistry in the overall well-being of the population and interest in creating the foundations of the medicine of the future!
Natalia Anisimova, president of the WCSD congress
Congress Information
9 sessions in 3 days
with online broadcast
Access from any device through your personal account on the website
Independent peer review for all sessions
Opportunity to get 18 CME points
for offline and online participants
simultaneous translation of all international speakers
Sessions in Russian and English
for all registered participants
Online poster publications
Live participation in discussions and possibility to connect to them online
Recordings of all presentations
30-day access to them after the congress
Become part of a professional community and get:
A 3-day immersion
into the world of safe dentistry
Contacts that would otherwise take years to acquire

on the internet

Manufacturers, partners
and colleagues
all in one place
Offline participation
35 000 rubles
  • Attend any sessions of the congress, get a 30-day access to all recordings
  • 18 CME points, Dentistry
  • Sessions in Russian and English, simultaneous translation of all international speakers
  • Participation in round table discussions
  • Independent peer review for all presentations
  • Electronic version of the booklet with abstracts of all presentations
  • Access from any device through your personal account on the website
  • Contacts that would other take years to acquire
  • Lunches and all-day coffee
  • Participation certificate
  • Special offer for accommodation in partner hotels

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August 1–31 – participation fee 40 000 rubles.

September 1–13 – participation fee 45 000 rubles.

Sales close on September 13th.
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Online participation
14 900 rubles

  • 30-day access to all recordings
  • 18 CME points, Dentistry
  • Sessions in Russian and English, simultaneous translation of all international speakers
  • Participation in round table discussions
  • Independent peer review for all presentations
  • Electronic version of the booklet with abstracts of all presentations
  • Access from any device through your personal account on the website

Buy now to get the best deal!

August 1–31 – participation fee 18 900 rubles.

September 1–13 – participation fee 22 900 rubles.

Sales close on September 13th.
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Information Partners
Congress venue
Radisson Collection, Moscow
Adress and Contacts:
Radisson Collection Hotel
Moscow, 2/1 Building 1, Kutuzovsky Prospect
Metro station Kievskaya

+ 7 (495) 221 5555

How will the Congress be organized?
  • How will the Congress be organized?
    Read the Congress Program to see all the speakers.
  • Can I become a speaker?
    Certainly. Send an email with the topic of your presentation, speech summary and title of the section to and we'll get back to you
  • How can I send my publication?
    After paying for offline or online participation, go to your Personal Account and choose the corresponding tab to send your publication for approval. Attach a pdf file of 1 page maximum using the standard form: relevance, purpose of the research, materials and methods, results, discussion. Our moderator will check the publication within 10 working days and either post it on the website or contact you if corrections need to be made.
  • Who will get CME points and how will they be awarded?
    All offline participants will be awarded 18 CME points (anesthetization and emergency section).
  • Will presentations be translated? Will interpreters beat the venue in case I have a question to the speakers?
    The international language of the Congress is English. You may choose to listen to presentations in Russian or in English. Presentations of all internation speakers will be translated simultaneously. Interpreters will work remotely. You will be able to ask a question to the speakers if you have a microphone in your hands
  • Will recordings of the Congress be provided? How can I get them?
    All offline and online participants of the Congress will have access to live broadcast. Also, all participants will be given access to video recordings of all presentations for 30 days. The link to the broadcast will be available in your personal account.
  • Can I take photos/videos during the Congress?
    Recordings of all presentations will be provided to all participants at the end of the Congress. You may take photos and videos, provided that you will use these recordings for your personal purposes only.
How can I pay for participation?
  • Ticket payment regulations
    - Cash payment, online wire transfers, using eWallet, or other payment system is not available. - Payment on behalf of the legal entity is not provided.
    - Partial payment of participation fee is possible. In this case, you need to contact our manager at so that we will issue you an invoice.
  • - It is not possible to buy a ticket for one or two days of Congress. You can buy an access to online broadcasting.
    - Payment on the spot is not allowed. Once you made payment - you'll get an electronic payment receipt to the e-mail you specified.
  • Return
    See the refund rules in the offer contract on our website. You may request a refund by sending an email indicating the reason to
  • When is the registration deadline?
    Last day of registration is September 12, 2021. It will be impossible to join starting September 13th.
  • Can I change my offline participation for online participation?
    All participants who paid for offline participation will have access to video broadcasts on the day of the congress and during the next 30 days
  • Is there any installment payment option?
    No, an installment payment is not provided.
  • Will the participation fee change?
    The participation fee will increase on August 1 and September 1. Until July 31, you can join offline or online at the minimum participation fee.
  • Are there any discounts for Congress participation available?
    The following discounts are provided:
    - for groups: up to 5 people – 5%, 6 to 10 people – 10%.
    If you want to participate as part of a group, send a group letter with names and emails of all participants to We will contact you and send you a discount code.
    – for public hospitals staff. To get a discount, contact your regional association.
    – for medical schools staff. To get a discount, contact your dean. Each medical school should prepare a list of all participants who will get an individual promo code.
    All Congress participants get discounts from our partners.
  • What should I do if my online payment fails?
    In that case, please email to us at, specified you full name. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will help you to solve this issue out.
  • Where should I view the Congress Organizer's details?
    You'll find our full details on Congress web-site at section "Contact details".
  • What should I do if my personal account does not work?
    If you found out that some functions on the web-site at your account are not operating properly, or you cannot log in, email to us please at, specified you contact details and the description of the problem you faced. We will get in touch with you and help you to solve the issue out.
How can I get to the Congress?
  • What airport should I arrive at?
    You may choose any airport for arrival. The Congress Venue is located in the center of the city.
  • Can you provide visa support?
    If you make a room reservation in Radisson Collection, the hotel will assist you with applying for visa.
    Once the payment for reservation is made, your personal manager will contact you. You have to make a reservation through our web-site. For our part, we can send you an invitation letter.
  • How to make a room reservation in a hotel?
    You should make a hotel reservation in Radisson Collection or Radisson Slavianskaya through our web-site, as there is a special price offer for all Congress participants.
  • Will anyone be waiting for me at the airport on arrival?
    Meeting of the guests at the airport and transfer to the hotel is available only to groups of people and is provided on request. Email to us at
  • How can I get to the venue from the airport?
    The address of the Congress venue: Moscow, Kutuzovsky Avenue, 2/1, Bldg 1. You can go by tube to Kievskaya station, further on foot. If you made a reservation in Radisson Collection or Slavianskaya hotel, you will find a detailed travel information on the hotel's web-site.
    You can get from the airport to the center of the city by:
    1. By taxi. Transit time is about 50-90 minutes, depending on the traffic load. The approximate cost is 2000 RUB. The most popular mobile taxi App is Yandex Go. The Application is free.
    Download an Application for Android: Download
    Download an Application for IOS: Download
    2. By Aeroexpress. Aeroexpress is leaving all Moscow airports to the Central Railway Stations. Passengers arrived to Vnukovo airport can get to Kievsky railway station. Radisson Collection hotel is situated 10 minutes walking from Kievsky station. More details about the current schedule and ticket cost you can find here:
    3. By public transport. Moscow airports offer city bus or route taxi links to all parts of the city. The cost per trip using public transport is 60 RUB. The bus will take you to the nearest tube station. To pay the travel cost, you need to put the ticket you purchased earlier or your bank card to the turnstile of the bus/tube.
  • I will go by car, is there any parking place?
    There is a free parking place near Radisson Collection hotel, but there is only a limited number of parking spaces available. A paid parking zone is located near the promenade area (380 RUB/hour).
  • I'm late for the beginning of the event, will I be let through?
    Registration counters are open full time. You can acquire your ticket at any time.
  • Can my colleague attend the Congress using my ticket?
    If you cannot attend the Congress for whatever reason, your colleague can use your participations fee, but a certificate of participation will be issued for those who originally registered for the Congress and paid the participation fee.
  • What kind of documents should the participant have?
    You have to be registered at our web-site and have an access to your personal account in order to provide a QR-code at the check-in counter while entering the Congress. We recommend to take your identity document with, in case of any inconveniences.
What about the facilities and rules?
  • How will meals be organized?
    During three-days period of Congress there would be: a one-hour lunch break, warm snacks, drinks and biscuits available throughout the day.
    Special conditions may apply to Congress participants in Radisson Collection restaurants.
  • What clothes to wear?
    Smart casual is appreciated. Welcome reception is for the cruise ship. Black tie is for gala-dinner. During the excursion program there should be an appropriate clothing according to the weather. While visiting orthodox monasteries and churches women need to wear headscarves and skirts that cover the knees.
  • I don't want my photos or videos be taken by the photographer. How can we sort it out?
    You need to contact the representative of the Organizing Committee well in advance. (Organizing Committee representatives wear a uniform with a logo).
  • How can I get the photos of the Congress?
    All photos would be available on the web-site under certain links.
  • I've lost my stuff at the Congress, what should I do?
    You need to proceed to the registration counter. If you've already left the Congress, email to us at
  • How can I leave a review?
    We will be happy to get a review about our event. Please, send an email to and we will post your review on our website.
How is COVID safety provided?
  • The Radisson Collection is the only venue hosting offline events with the required level of personal safety. You may find more details at:
    Organizers will check the health of all the participants according to all the required protocols. If you are sick, you will not be admitted to the event.
    If you have COVID and cannot attend the Congress, the refund will be considered individually provided that you have the supporting documents. In any case, you will receive recordings of the event. In the event of an official lockdown, the event will be postponed.
How can I become a partner of the Congress?